• “Good job eating your dinner mommy. You’re growing and growing!”
  • The words “faster”, “harder”, “bigger”, and “louder” are completely interchangeable. When she’s being bad and I start counting to three she says, “Stop saying it bigger!”
  • No matter where we are, every kid she sees she says, “My friend is here!”
  • “hmmmm… who can we Skype with now?”
  • when she wants to hear me whistle, she asks me to whisper… then gets confused when I do whisper.

2 thoughts on “Rubyisms

  1. I love it! She’s hilarious. The first one is definitely my favorite, I feel like you just said it to her so many that she memorized it:)

    • I love you Sandy! The first one was my favorite too. If I had written this post today I would have added the following:

      Ruby thinks crocodiles “crock” people… which makes total sense.

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