hello 2012

Ryan was on call through the week of Christmas but he had a few days off during his birthday so we drove up to Michigan to spend some quality time with the Cox family.

Being back in “our old town” was super fun, so on our way to Ryan’s parents house I decided to drive past our old house around 9:30pm. We passed by once but there was a car behind us, so I went around the block to pass by again. All of a sudden there were flashing lights in my rear-view mirror and I was getting pulled over… in front of our old driveway.

Apparently we looked suspicious with our out-of-state license plates and the double drive by… the police officer had received a call earlier about some lady in a van going door to door trying to sell something. Anyway, he let us go on our way after we explained we were just checking out our old house. The best part of this story is the next day when I visited my friend across the street from where we used to live she told me she was the one who called the cops and she and her husband were so excited when they saw someone (not knowing it was us) get pulled over! haha!

The girls loved seeing their Nana and Papa Cox and Ryan enjoyed visiting all his favorite GR places. I think he and Chris went to MADCAP for coffee every single day.Image

Another major highlight was a totally amazing spontaneous dinner out with two of our best friends from when we lived in Chicago, Bryan and Michelle. They were visiting family and were able to meet us at The Green Well (another favorite local establishments) for a kid-free dinner! We loved laughing and catching up with them!

New Years Eve was spent with dear friends as well. The husbands missed out on the picture this year, but I’m glad to have this one of my girlfriends. It felt so wonderful to reconnect and especially to discover that distance between us doesn’t mean there is a distance in our friendships. Wonderful way to ring in 2012 eating great food, playing taboo,  and going around the circle sharing our best memories of 2011.


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