Charcoal Dust

It was super windy yesterday and Ryan’s Weber Grill got blown over, the lid went flying across the yard, his grill tools were scattered around, and a huge pile of charcoal dust (some would call this ash) is now in our back yard.

Any advice on what we should do about the ash? It will kill the grass, right? It’s kinda wet now after some rain last night. I have no idea how to clean it up.

Ruby is very disturbed because she thinks there is poo in our backyard… which is kinda funny.

If you were me, would you clean up the ash? If so, how would you suggest I go about it?


5 thoughts on “Charcoal Dust

  1. Some people are homeowners, others are renters. There are times in life when you make a decision depending on which one of those you are.

    Embrace the ash.

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