Monday Musings

First of all, a confession:

I love good ol’ incandescent lightbulbs. The light is warm and soft and I’m kinda not looking forward to the government taking them away… I definitely stocked up on 40-60 watt ones today since they’re being phased out first. If you know of an eco-friendly lightbulb that doesn’t look cold and fluorescent, I’d love to know about it!

Secondly, the weather in Columbus is so crazy! It’s warm and nice and sunny so often! I’m writing this post like a cat, curled up on the warm, sunny spot where the sun has been shining in on the carpet all morning. The girls and I ran errands with the windows down and Ruby asked me for her sunglasses because the sun was shining so bright. Last week a “big” winter storm came through and left about an inch of snow on the ground. I was really confused because everyone here was kinda freaking out about “terrible driving conditions” and “don’t go outside” and all sorts of silly things. All I know is that Michigan must have hardened me because as far as I’m concerned it isn’t even winter down here. Maybe it’s coming. I don’t know. I’m confused but happy about all the sunshine!

Lastly, The “$1 Spot” at Target is one of my favorite places now that I have babies. Ruby could not be more excited about the robot window decals I picked up for Valentine’s Day. She played with them all afternoon.


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