It’s January 31st and it’s 60 degrees today! Last night on the evening news Brian Williams referred to the weather as “Junuary” and I thought it was clever in a nerdy sort of way.

The girls and I spent a few hours at the homestead park and it was glorious to be outside with the sun shining on our faces

Clara did not like the swings, but she loved watching Ruby giggling her head off with happiness. Swinging is fun!

And of course, Ruby spent some time making a bird nest.


3 thoughts on “Junuary

  1. Amber, I so love remembering the wonderful things I did with our boys when they were your girls’ ages!!!! I re-live those moments every single time I read your blog, always with a happy tear in my eye. Seriously, I even wrote down funny “ism’s” they said…of course, In a journal, not a blog site;)

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