Normal stuff is more fun with Aaron and Tracy here.

Having my brother Aaron and his lovely-in-every-way wife Tracy here for the last couple of days has been unbelievably wonderful. They’re super for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they’ve been happy just hanging out with the girls and I doing all the stuff we usually do while Ryan is working. Including running errands in the mornings and being home during the nap time window in the afternoons… we’ve had a lot of fun too!

We’ve been to the zoo twice, worked out at the Y, hung out at the Homestead Park, had a couple of picnic lunches, Ryan and Aaron grilled us some delicious steaks, and we all had dinner “out” tonight. Simply too much happiness is happening over here.

As you can see, Ruby and Clara have had unending fun and entertainment from their Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tracy. I’m pretty sure there will be massive amounts of depression (mostly from Ryan and I) when they go back home.

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