My Ruby girl has been giving me so much material for the ol’ blog lately. She has become somewhat of an entertainer. I picked her up from the child watch area at the Y the other day and her teachers told me she had all the kids watching and laughing as she ran around acting like an elephant blowing her trumpet. Can you imagine? Apparently she knew she was the life of the party because the next morning she woke up and told me “Mommy, we have to go to the Y so the kids can laugh.”

I'll put a headband on her, then she'll take it off and put it back on like this.

Here are a few more recent Rubyisms:

  • “I’m not filthy, I’m Ruby!” – When Ryan was wiping her face off after dinner
  • “Daddy, do you know the muffin man?” she asked this as an honest question. It was difficult for Ryan to give a sincere answer.
  • “I see the moon sticking up!”
  • When we’re using any bathroom other than the one at home, with exasperation she yells “OH DEAR, IS THIS A PUBLIC POTTY?!?!” then continues touching everything in sight while I struggle to pull her pants back up while holding down both of her arms down while trying not brush up against any walls myself.
  • I asked what she wanted to wear and she told me, “I’m a panter today.” meaning she wanted to wear pants.
  • “English toast” means she wants butter but not jelly on her toast.
  • I asked her what she wanted to give her daddy for Valentines Day. She replied, “We should get him bread. He loves bread. Or new glasses.”
  • “My hands have a brain freeze” when I gave her a frozen go-gurt without a towel wrapped around the outside to keep her hands warm.

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