Preschool Hunting

My palms get kinda sweaty at the thought of sending my baby to school… but alas, the time has come to get Ruby registered for preschool starting this fall.

The internet has been scoured, strangers have been talked to and area preschools have been toured in hopes of finding a good fit for us. It’s pretty amazing how many options we have… and how expensive preschool is, and how few preschools are actually accredited. I am new at this whole preschool thing, so I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.

This morning we took a tour and within 5 minutes of being at this particular preschool, the teacher who was giving us the tour had asked Ruby all sorts of interesting questions I’ve never thought to ask. That alone confirmed that I need to let professional teachers do what they’ve studied for years to do instead of trying really hard to think of, research and create educational preschool type activities and projects to keep Ruby occupied at our house. Whew! It exhausted me just typing that last sentence!

I’m pretty sure there will be tears when I actually have to drop her off on her first day… my tears, not hers. She is ready.


4 thoughts on “Preschool Hunting

  1. We recently went through the exact same journey. Since Clare is a late summer birthday, we started her in a two-day program for the last half of this school year. She was MORE THAN READY, but I had a flood of emotions as I dropped her off that first day. She LOVES it, and I am amazed by the growth that I’ve seen in her. You will come to treasure the hours that Ruby is in school because it will allow you to have some special time with Clara.

    • Thanks Corrie! Its encouraging to hear how well Clare is doing in preschool. Ruby will love it… and you’re probably right about having some time to just focus on Clara. Thanks for the note!

    • Sara, thanks friend! What are the preschools like in Spain? I can’t wait to hear stories about when N starts school! AHH! Our babies are growing too fast! Miss you!

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