Weekends + Ryan = The Best

Clara is really into March Madness.

Ryan had the weekend off, so we filled it with fun. Friday night we went to dinner at the Rusty Bucket, one of the 2 places we go out to eat around here… We sat next to the open windows and enjoyed a warm breeze and a sunset during our dinner. It was a truly lovely time.

St. Patrick’s Day was BEAUTIFUL as well, so we went to the zoo. The weather all weekend was hot, sunny, high 70s and pretty much had happiness everywhere. The zoo was PACKED, as you can imagine. The highlight of the trip was riding on the train. Ruby was pumped, then about 1/2 way through the ride she got really quiet and a huge tear rolled down her cheek as she said, “I’m all done riding this train”. Luckily we were rounding the bend and pulling back into the station. Once we were back, she was happy again and telling us about how fun the train was. Silly girl.

One of the most glorious parts of my weekend was when Ryan said, “I’ll stay here with the girls, while you go shopping.” So I got new shoes at Payless and a new shirt from Gap. YAY!! When I got home, Ryan had washed the van, sprayed the perimeter of our house for bugs and unloaded the dishwasher. He took a bike ride then grilled us a delicious steak for dinner – he is the best.

Sunday was equally awesome, church, blowing bubbles on the driveway, then as the sun was setting a storm rolled through Columbus with fairly large hail. Ryan was out for a bike ride and got home right before the storm started. The girls and I sat on the front porch listening to thunder and talking about how great it is that God sends rainstorms so all the thirsty trees and flowers and bushes can get a drink and all the birds can take a bath. A few minutes later the downpour began, so we came inside… then the tornado sirens went off and the weather man was talking about a tornado warning right in our area. We did get some hail and lots of rain, but nothing is ever as big a deal as the weather man makes it seem.

I opened the front door to take a video of the hail and when I turned around Ruby was eating a handful of frozen hail balls. She’s a funny one. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how to get my movies off of my iPhone, onto my mac and into iMovie. You’ll just have to imagine how fun it was, then in a few years when I am done having babies and I have time to solve my technical difficulties, I’ll show you the lost footage from 2012.

So thankful for such a great weekend!


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