Side By Side – Zoo

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a part of the Side by Side group here in Columbus? Well, I love it.

A handful of ladies from SBS went with me to the zoo on Monday. 8 moms and 11 babies. 7 strollers, and an unending amount of snacks, sunscreen, and parenting techniques for a successful couple of hours. It really was a great time getting to know some of the med wives that aren’t in my discussion group.

Ruby’s favorite part was yelling at this elephant trying to get him to get in the water. “Hey elephant! Get in that swimming pool!” I wish he would have listened. Instead he just sprayed water all over himself, which was also a hit for the crowd.

Clara is such a sweetie pie. She just happily rode along and enjoyed watching the older kids run circles around her stroller.

Ruby has added this tutu to every outfit she’s worn for 6 days in a row. She loves it. Speaking of love, look at these cute little buddies.


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