Mailman Shenanigans

Our mail delivery man is not my friend. I don’t know why it’s been so difficult for me to like him – but I truly has been a challenge since we moved to CBus.

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In retrospect, I really loved our mail lady in GR. She would stroll down our street, chatting it up with her friends on her cell phone ear piece. She waved and smiled when she saw us, she helped me learn the names of my neighbors and was always so kind and caring about the mail she was delivering. I miss you wonderful, hard-working, nice mail lady who liked your job!

It all started when our current mailman continually delivered the old tenant’s mail even though it had been forwarded. I know this is more of the post office’s issue than the mailman’s issue… but for 6 months I was still getting mail for our landlord every single day… even though I talked to the people at the post office, even though I wrote the mailman a nice note about how they don’t live here anymore and it would be great if he could stop putting their mail in our box, even though our landlord followed all the protocol to get her mail forwarded. I kid you not, I got a letter for her THIS WEEK! We’ve lived here for almost a year. shenanigans.Then it got worse. If anyone’s car was parked anywhere within 10 feet of our mailbox he would simply zoom his truck right past our box without stopping! SERIOUSLY! He wouldn’t step out of his truck or even slow down to attempt to drive close enough to put it in the box! I would watch him drive by, then have to run down the street to catch him at the neighbor’s house. I would be friendly and say things like, “Oops, you missed us again! Sorry about that.” and smile.

Then it got worse! HE STOPPED CLOSING OUR MAILBOX ONCE HE DELIVERED THE MAIL! WHAT?!?! I don’t even understand what is going on here. How hard can it be to just flip the lid closed… the lid that YOU opened. The lid that would prevent the rain from pouring in on my pottery barn catalog!

SHENANIGANS! I just wish I could get a new mailman and start all over. What would you do if you were me?


16 thoughts on “Mailman Shenanigans

  1. Amber, you are mature beyond your years. Very few people under 80 follow the mail situation so closely. My reco, is wait until he delivers it and then read it… No other intervention is needed.

    • Uncle Matt – you’d be surprised how much I’ve assumed the “Grumpy Old Man” role when it comes to my mail situation. Maybe I’ll just sit on my porch and shake my angry arm at him as he drives by. While I’m out there I’ll also yell out the speed limit to all the hooligans driving too fast down my street!

  2. Call the Postmaster 800 number. I had those problems some time back and after many calls on the same gal by myself and neighbors she was relieved of a job she obviously didn’t like and definitely didn’t have a gift/talent for. Having a job isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.

  3. Starbucks card. Then cookies. If he doesn’t shape up then file a complaint. And rain on your Pottery Barn catalog? Doesn’t he KNOW?!?!????!?!?!?!!!! Unacceptable!

  4. Get him a Starbucks card, then cookies. And if those tricks don’t work write a complaint. Passive aggressive? Maybe. Our mailman does a decent job, but he is NOT friendly. Maybe he just doesn’t like women. He has never talked to me or even smiled, but he chatted with my husband. Whatever…just get me my mail. And rain on your Pottery Barn catalog? Come on! Doesn’t he KNOW?!?!?!?!?!!!!

  5. We had an issue with our mailman leaving packages at our doorstep when we lived in the apartment. This was an issue because we clearly weren’t home and any number of people could just walk by and take it. After talking with him and the issue persisted I call the postmaster at the post office. We didn’t have a problem after that.

  6. Write him a letter, but try not to take it personally. All over the country the USPS is in financial trouble and laying people off. They have to cover way more territory than ever before and are over-stressed and over-worked.

  7. My mailman leaves the Netflix discs in my mailbox for weeks before he understands they’re in there to be returned. He also delivers my mail to the next door neighbors and brings mail from a block away to me. I feel your pain.

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