First of all, here’s a video of Ruby trying REALLY HARD to get the lids off of her play dough.

Some Recent Rubyisms:

  • “Woo-Hoops” (Hula-Hoops)
  • “Big Eyes!” she thinks it’s so funny to say this while looking at someone with her eyes open as wide as she can. It’s kinda freaky.
  • “Those are the best slides I’ve never seen!” She says this every time we pass Zoombezi Bay on our way to the zoo.
  • Instead of Blues Clues she wants to watch “Clues Clues”
  • “Mommy, I want to pick a choice.” Even when there are not choices on the table, she requests them, so then I have to think of some choices for her. It’s “Love and Logic” parenting gone awry.

4 thoughts on “Rubyisms

  1. I love the “Love and Logic” gone awry. I’m sure we could write an entire book about the parenting philosophies that go awry!

    That video is awesome! It sure looks like Ruby is trying to do something other than open the Play-doh. You have manners down pat because she says thank you every time she receives assistance in her battle. 🙂

    • Corrie! Thanks for the note – I wasn’t sure anyone would laugh about the “Love and Logic gone awry” thing. It makes me happy that you understood what I was talking about. In other news, the pic on Facebook of your family at Easter was SO GREAT! You look beautiful and I love to see how fast your kiddos are growing!

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