Space Shuttle Discovery Flew Over Our Fishing Boat!

We experienced a bit of history on Tuesday morning. While fishing on Mosquito Lagoon, a 747 with Space Shuttle Discovery on it’s back flew over our boat! We could see Cape Canaveral from the boat, but had no idea this epic event was happening the same morning as our fishing trip. Discovery’s numbers are stunning; the shuttle flew thirty-nine missions from 1984 to 2011, and the shuttle and its crews orbited the earth 5830 times, traveling over 148 million miles. Just after 7am we witnessed Discovery’s final journey on its way to the Smithsonian. It was an amazing sight! Luckily, Ryan got it on video.

Ryan’s reaction in the video is dedicated to the Rocket Scientists… especially our friend Bryant. We had an incredibly close-up view. It felt and sounded like we were standing on the landing strip. I took these pics with my little digi cam! Check out the reflection of the shuttle on the water.

I’ll blog more about our fishing trip in the next post. Woohoo!

3 thoughts on “Space Shuttle Discovery Flew Over Our Fishing Boat!

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