Lauren and Taylor’s Wedding Weekend

My cousin Lauren is just the best. She is brilliant, thoughtful, gorgeous, witty, athletic, graceful and all the things everyone wishes they could be. We got to celebrate her wedding a couple of weekends ago. It was lovely. Lauren and Taylor are a prefect match.

The Wedding Weekend was the first time Ryan and I had seen our girls since our vacation in Florida, so our first night at the hotel was spent hanging out as a family and taking Ruby swimming at the pool. She LOVED getting to swim, and the pool was really warm, which exponentially increased the enjoyment factor. Ruby went swimming in the pool 3-4 times  over the weekend. Clara “swam” in the sink.

We strategically sat in the back of the chapel so we could sneak out if either of our lovely children decided to have a not-so-lovely moment during the wedding. Ruby had a perfect view of Lauren when the doors opened and she began her walk down the aisle. Ruby (not so quietly) said, “Ooooh, you look so gooorgeous in your dress!” I couldn’t have agreed more!

At the reception Ruby never left the dance floor. I think at one point she tried to cut in on a dance between the bride and groom. Whew! She was keeping me on my toes that night! On the way home she was so tired, but even through the exhaustion she kept saying “I just have to dance, Oh what am I going to do if I can’t dance?”

We loved seeing Uncle Matt and Aunt Linda, Aunt Becky and Uncle Hunter and of course, my mom and dad. When those 6 people are in the same room there is seriously too much hilarity to comprehend. Talk about a laugh fest! Whew! My cousin Phil was there with his incrediwife Lauren (she is incredible… and a wife…) John, Angela, Lydia and Norah were there for the festivities too! I love my family. I love when we get to spend time together.

Congratulations Lauren and Taylor!! So excited for you guys!

Here’s one more pic of my dad and Clara on the day we drove home. Clara loves her Papa Beeson. 


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