Chris Cox : Graduate

Ryan’s brother Chris graduated from Hope College and we got to be there for the weekend to celebrate with him. I first met Chris the day Ryan and I graduated from Hope. He was in 6th grade and was wearing a tight t-shirt that said, “St. Joe Dad’s Club” on it. hysterical.

I was glad that Chris and I hit it off the first time we met because I was in love with his brother… here’s a flashback to 2003 when Ryan and I graduated from Hope.

Saturday night a bunch of Christopher’s friends came over for a grill out. Ryan’s mom is an amazing hostess. You might recognize a few of these guys who have been featured in  Chris’s photography throughout college.

He got a special gift from my dad (yes, that would be his brother’s father-in-law) in the form of a Mediterranean 4-horned Ram head. Chris first saw this fella when he came to Granger for Ruby’s baptism… and for years the legend of the 4-horned goat has grown and grown. It made sense for Chris to become the owner of this mysterious creature.

Sunday on campus we got a 75% successful family pic by the Hope Anchor.









Before heading home we got to see Chris’s senior show in the gallery at Hope. It was a  grid of photographs, each tells its own story, and as a whole they take you on a journey.

Such a fun weekend, CONGRATS on your graduation Chris!! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see you continue growing as an artist and photographer! Keep on making your way in this world because you’re making the world a better place in the process.


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