Spontaneous Beeson Family Time

At the end of last week Ryan flew to San Diego for a conference so I decided to take the girls to Granger for a few days to hang with their Grammy and Papa Beeson. It was so great to spend time with them. John and Angela brought Lydia and Norah over and all the cousins got to play together. Adding to the wonderfulness of our time, my brother Aaron decided last-minute to fly up for a few days as well! Amazing!

One of the days we hung out in John and Ang’s backyard so Ruby and Lydia could burn some energy on the little play set. Such fun. At one point Ruby balanced like a circus bear on Lydia’s purple ball. She is getting braver, which I like and don’t like all at once.

Saturday night we went to church – Aaron and I were accidentally matchy matchy with our shirts. It was pretty funny. After church we met my dad in his office. Clara enjoyed tearing all his books off the bottom shelf and Ruby was enthralled by Papa’s microphone.

We played monopoly, (Aaron always won) walked on the trails through the woods, took the girls out to the meadow to run down the hill, blew bubbles, relaxed, and had a great few days together. Ruby got to open her birthday present from Grammy and Papa since we were all together and they wanted her to have it for the summer. A new bike! She is in LOVE with it! She calls it her “very special special bike.”

Here are the really good pics from my dad’s camera.

In closing, I’m still getting used to this wordpress blog formatting. Obviously I’m having trouble figuring out how to size my images without the text wrapping around the edges… If you have any advice for me I’d gladly take it  🙂 Thanks for reading my blog even though I’m a total amateur!


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