Hope Friends in Cadillac

We had a chance this past weekend to drive up to Cadillac and hang out with some of our Hope College friends! When we lived in Michigan we hung out pretty regularly, as seen here, herehere, herehere, here, here and here. (did anyone actually click those links to see those old posts?) But since we moved to Ohio a year ago we haven’t made it to Northern Michigan until now. Luke and Lindsay hosted the event, Joel and Sarah, Greg and Jen, and Bryant and Becky all made the trip to Cadillac. We spent the afternoon hanging out at the house, eating a delicious lunch, laughing and telling stories on the back porch.

In the evening all 8 of us piled into our van and rode together to dinner at Lakeside Charlie’s. We sat out on the patio where loud laughing is more acceptable and there was a lovely view of Lake Mitchell.

After dinner Luke and Lindsay introduced us to some gas station ice cream and we ate our cones in the parking lot by the propane tank. It really was good ice cream. We loved seeing everyone. It was good for my soul.


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