Rubyisms / 3-Year Check-Up

I’ll tell you one thing that is not easy. Getting a urine sample from a 3-year old.

I took Ruby to the pediatrician for her 3-year checkup this week and when I signed her in the receptionist handed me a little cup and said, “do you know what this is for?” I was like, “uhhh…?” She told me it was to get a urine sample and I kid you not, I had no idea they were talking about Ruby.

“What? I’m supposed to get this from her? Like, you want ME to do it?” She was not kidding around. So I took deep breaths as I maneuvered our double stroller down the hall to the bathroom.

Ruby could not have been more horrified that I was holding a cup under her – she was so concerned about making it into the cup she started screaming (which sounds extra loud in a tile bathroom) , “I CAN’T PUSH IT OUT!” and I said, “Don’t push silly, just let it out and I’ll catch it.” The she yelled, “NO YOU CAN’T DO IT! I CAN’T GET IT OUT! GET IT AWAY FROM ME!” over and over. It didn’t go well. So after a good 10 minutes of “trying” I pulled up her shorts, put her one shoe back on (since she is in the stage where she has to completely straddle the toilet which requires removal of half of her clothing) washed hands and we headed back out the waiting area. By this time I was all sweaty from being in the hot bathroom and my hair was messed up on top where Ruby had been holding it as a handle while she “attempted” to pee, Clara (who had witnessed all of this from her stroller) was getting a little fed up with the shenanigans and Ruby was back to her (happily skipping around, greeting all the people in the waiting room) self.

It’s always funny taking her to see the doctor (or anywhere in public) because there is no end to what could potentially come out of Ruby’s mouth at any given time. Here are some recent “Rubyisms”

  • She loves people. Ryan says she is a totally unfiltered version of me when it comes to socialization. She will spot someone and say, “Here comes my friend! I need to talk to them!” or “But where are more people for me to talk to?”
  • Every morning the first thing she says when she wakes up is, “What are we doing today mom?” Then I’ll say something like, “We are going to the post office!” and she gets all excited and says, “Oh, won’t that be fun?”
  • A typical answer to any question could be, “Because everything is happening!”
  • Lately, anytime people talk to her in public (like in the line at the grocery store) Ruby will turn to me and say, “I talked to the old lady.” Unfortunately, most of the women she is referring to are far from old, or just on the verge of being concerned about coming across as old… so that’s a bit of an issue. I think she says it because in the Babar books the “Old Lady” is one of the main characters.  Its pretty funny.
  • She lets me know that its “Half-O-Clock” all the time. “It’s half-o-clock Mama!”
  • When we were at the cottage with Ryan’s parents, she took a walk down to the lake with her Papa and once they got out there she said to him, “Finally, no more interruptions!”
  • One of her frequently used statements is, “Well, I guess that answers that question.”
  • She is super encouraging, often saying, “Good job Mama! You did it!” when I do things like turn on the light, pour a glass of water, open a drawer, close the garage door, etc.

At her 3-year checkup we found out she weighs 28 pounds (which takes her up to the 25th percentile! yay!) She is exactly 3-feet tall (also 25th percentile) and everything is wonderful!

She LOVES her “Baby Clara Girl” and is always very aware of what Clara might be needing or wanting or trying to say. Ruby’s favorite thing is “just making baby Clara Girl laugh mommy!” Such sweetie pies.


9 thoughts on “Rubyisms / 3-Year Check-Up

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  3. So funny… Kassidy has almost identical stats to Ruby and she is 18 months. What a little peanut and so adorable! Looks like you guys are doing well. 🙂

  4. I love it! She is totally a mini you. hilarious that she weighs 28 lbs because Jesse weighs 25! He’s at the top of the charts:)

  5. The things she says reminds me of all the silly things you and Ang would say. LOL! I see a little you!

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