Clara 1-year checkup

Clara is the most cuddly, lovey, ticklish, sneaky, little girl. She loves music, playing games, clapping, baths, peek-a-boo, passing things back and forth, putting on necklaces, eating, putting things into bowls and taking them back out, stealing whatever Ruby was just playing with, and being generally mysterious a lot of the time.

I can tell already that I’m going to have to read more books to figure out how to discipline her well – currently she knows not to do things certain things, like drop her food on the floor, but she looks at me with mischievous sparkly eyes, chucks some food on the floor, then thinks it’s the most hilarious thing when I squeeze her hand and sternly say “no no Clara, we do not drop our food.” She throws her head back and laughs and laughs and chucks another handful of food on the floor. She’s a snickelfritz.

I took Clara to her 1-year checkup on Tuesday… a month late (mom of the year award). Her eyes seem to be staying blue and she’s got 2 teeth on the bottom with a few about to break through on the top. She’s 19 pounds, 50th percentile for weight and 30th for height. She got high scores in all the categories except gross motor – pretty much she’s perfectly content sitting around letting Ruby bring her whatever she wants. In other words, she’s barely crawling, not really cruising or scootching, pulling up occasionally, not scaling furniture, or walking yet. She’s in what I like to call “The Sprinkler” phase, where she just spins herself around and around in circles (always clockwise). Its pretty funny. Our pediatrician said everything is great and she’ll take off when she’s ready. I’m in no hurry.

Everyday I am thankful for Clara. I pick her up out of her bed in the morning and can’t help but breathe her in. She’s incredibly precious. I love the age she is, I love the wonderment in her eyes, I love the way she interacts with Ruby and the way she fiercely holds her ground. One of my most favorite things about Clara is that she LOVES her daddy so much. When she hears Ryan open the front door after work she gets all excited and can’t wait to catch his eye. She’s his little buddy and he makes her laugh and giggle more than anyone can.


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