Waterfalls in Columbus. Who Knew?

Continuing our efforts to find all things good about the city where we live, we decided to pull off the road a few miles from our house to check out Griggs Nature Preserve. We’ve driven past a thousand times because from the road it looks like a staircase down to the river.

What we discovered today was that the staircase leads down to a wooden walkway through the forest and into a deep cavern with 35-foot Hayden Falls waterfall at the end! WHAAAAT??

I know, right? We were pleasantly surprised as well. It only took us a year living here to find out about this place. Luckily my friend Lindsey mentioned it in passing the other day. ha!

There was this old guy painting a picture of the waterfall who told us about another waterfall a few miles farther into Dublin, so we got back in the car and drove to Indian Run to check it out. Sure enough, more waterfalls within a few miles of our house!

A storm brought straight-line winds through yesterday so Ryan had to do some path clearing in order for us to get by. He’s the best.

Here is Clara being mesmerized by the waterfall. It was a great Saturday morning exploration… now come visit us and we’ll take you to see the waterfalls by our house!


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