Grammy and Papa’s House with Granny and Papaw

My Granny and Papaw were visiting my parents in Granger over the weekend and Ryan was working and on call, so I decided to take the girls there too so they could spend some time with their Great Grandparents.

My mom and dad put a little pool in the woods and we spend a lot of time out there letting Ruby and her cousin Lydia splash around. Clara didn’t like all the splashing, so she played on the ground outside of the pool – but she was happy.

My dad took these great pics. I love that he loves to take pictures. It’s a wonderful benefit of being in his presence.

Friday night we went to church to tour GCC’s new Atrium and Natural Playground. Everyone got to write their prayers on the floor before they finish it – Ruby colored in the cross I drew. I love that she got to make her mark in a space that will change the community for Christ. Granger is doing some awesome things! I love being “home” to visit.


It was so great to be with my parents and grandparents. I love my family and am so thankful for generations of faithfulness to God and one another. Granny and Papaw have been married for 61 years and still laugh about who is keeping who warm under the blanket. It was 75 degrees inside, but they were both “so chilly in this house!” Love them.

My sister Angela is such a great mom. Lydia and Norah came over to play a couple of times and my girls LOVE their cousins. Norah is such a cutie buttons. Look at that face!


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