Search Terms that have lead people to

The internet is a funny thing. Last week I checked out the things people google that lead them to my blog. The list made me laugh a lot. Here are some of the recent searches:

  • a car for ants
  • old urine sample
  • Clara feet
  • resurrection socks
  • protection from gators while tubing mississippi
  • tube king
  • girl sawing a christmas tree
  • giant eagle free gas for year
  • is Columbus Zoo open when rain
  • little big econ state forest gator
  • Mark Beason blog (yes… with “Beeson” spelled wrong)
  • “english toast”
  • she is a sprinkler
  • mom with a small purse
  • record pin fish

It makes me happy to know that you guys still read and enjoy my blog even though I write about such a ridiculous smattering of topics. You all are just the best!


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