Ohio State Fair

We’ve been doing all sorts of fun summertimey-type things; going to the pool, the zoo, the park, and even spent a day at the Ohio State Fair with our new friends Matt and Mary and their 3 kids. It’s not everyday that you can go to a state fair – and the Ohio State Fair is quite an event, so we figured we better check it out… on opening weekend. It was a scene!

Ruby LOVES her friends Elizabeth, Abigail and James… here they are on the gator ride.

We walked through the barns where they keep the sheep, cows and horses. Really amazing how pretty those animals are when they’re the ones being judged. Beautiful cows! It was quite an experience. Do people who own those animals sleep on cots in the barn with the animals all week? There were cots all over the place, and people were sleeping on them, so I was confused.

Clara loved the animals in the petting zoo. She was pointing and squealing and so excited about them.

Fun times! Certainly a memorable Ohio experience! It will be fun to go back when the girls are a little older and tall enough to ride some rides.



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