I’m guessing you’re not surprised that I have a few more “Rubyisms” to share with you. She’s 3, so pretty much 87% of what comes out of her mouth is entertaining.

  • “Daddy, you remind me of a peanut butter sandwich.”
  • “I’m having some hard troubles over here” This phrase has been used in reference to everything from putting on her socks to cleaning up her toys to getting stickers off of the sticker page.
  • She was having a rough morning the other day so I put her in her room. She was yelling at me under the crack in the door, “My HANDS are all WET, MY HAAAAANDS, MOMMYYYYYY, MY HANDS ARE ALL WET,” I asked her, “How did your hands get wet?” and her response was, “My hands are all wet from my TEARS!!!”
  • “I losed my mind!”
  • “That is hysterical”  – one of her new frequently used statements, used whether things are funny or not, which I think is really funny.
  • The other day I asked her to smile for the camera and she gave me the following faces:

  • For some reason whenever anyone asks her how old she is she replies, “I’m ten.”
  • Maybe because she’s been watching Dora the Explorer lately, she will tell me about something and follow it with a confident, “and nothing’s going to stop me!”
  • Whenever we are driving and it starts to get dark she always asks “Are your lights on mommy?” It’s nice to have a backseat driver already  🙂
  • “Anyhow, let’s go outside and play hopscotch.”
  • Driving home from church last weekend she told Ryan and I, “When I count to five I want you to yell, ‘JESUS!'” – we played this game with her for 6 whole minutes.
  • While I was watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (who was wearing a black and white striped tie) she looked at him then asked, “Is that my Papa?” and proceeded to answer her own question, “No, that’s a train conductor.”
  • Last night we opened all the windows in the house and the girls were loving the cool breeze. Here’s Ruby, enjoying the weather with her face covered in stickers.


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