I love my mom.

A few weeks back my mom came to Columbus because she is just the best! It was so great to have her here – she helped me get so much done… she watched the girls while I deep cleaned my house, distracted them with trips to the park and rides in the wagon so I could focus on cleaning for hours in a row without my curious Clara digging though my cleaning supplies. When the girls were napping, she tag-teamed the cleaning and even cleaned my microwave when I wasn’t looking. She is literally amazing. 

In addition to all the deep cleaning that was happening, we did some shopping, took some trips and had a lot of fun each day. Ruby and Clara loved taking Grammy to their zoo and showing her their polar bear friends.

One of the greatest things about having my mom here was that Ryan and I could go out for a date night without paying for babysitting. Woohoo! We enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner then met up with some of Ryan’s Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow friends for a Columbus Clippers baseball game.

Speaking of Ryan’s Fellow friends… I failed to blog about the cookout we had with the Peds GI Dept a few weeks ago, so here is a picture of the super smart peeps Ryan is working with each day.  (The Chief of the Division is photo bombing in the back) 🙂

Love you mom! Thanks for making the drive to Columbus, but mostly for your example, encouragement and advice about all things mommish. Can’t wait to come visit you and dad in the fall!


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