Preschool Open House

Tomorrow is my Ruby girl’s first day of preschool. We’ve been getting up 10 minutes earlier each day for the last week to get her me used to earlier mornings… and Ruby has been practicing putting on her backpack.

Last Thursday we went to the preschool open house to meet Ruby’s teacher and see her classroom. As soon as we walked through the doors of the school Ruby ran down the hall yelling, “WELCOME TO SCHOOL KIDS!!” I’m guessing Mrs. Mills will be the first of many teachers who will have to remind Ruby not to run in the halls, or yell in the halls of the school.

This was Ruby’s face when she caught a glimpse her teacher for the first time. Priceless. She has been so so so excited about her backpack and her teacher and riding the school bus “but not till I’m bigger mommy.” 

Her classroom is so fun, full of puzzles, books, maps, colors, letters, shapes, a water table, a play kitchen fully stocked with all household items, easels, blocks, and even a table full of seashells, bottles of sand, and some starfish! She was VERY enthused about the starfish.

Here she is with Mrs. Mills in front of her cubbie where she will hang her backpack and jacket each day. On the night of the open house she chose to pack 3 extra headbands in her backpack. Not sure what she will choose to pack for school tomorrow. ha.


1 thought on “Preschool Open House

  1. Thanks for sharing Ruby’s excitment on her first day of school. My old teacher heart swells up with pride


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