Hiking at Highbanks Metro Park

Ryan spent all of Labor Day weekend working and on call – but he had this weekend off, so we lived it up! The weather could not be more gorgeous right now – literally PERFECT! 70 degrees, sunny, crispy, glorious in every way.

Sunday morning after church we drove to Highbanks to enjoy the perfect weather with some hiking. Highbanks Metro Park is one of our favorite in the area… we’ve been there quite a few times since we moved to Columbus. I can’t explain how amazing the weather is. When you look at this pic can you just smell how fresh it is outside?

Our friends Matt and Mary gave us their old backpack carriers, so Ruby got to ride too. She was so funny finding different places to stick her legs – even hanging straight down the back.

We made a lot of forward progress with both girls on our backs. Clara was very serious about hiking… and about most other things as well.

Ruby held onto Ryan’s neck. She thought it was hilarious.

Even though we only had a couple of hours between church and nap time, we just had to get out and do something with the girls. So thankful for time together. So thankful for fresh air, nature, and being healthy enough to take a hike.



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