First Trip to Hocking Hills


I say “first” trip to Hocking Hills because we are for sure going back a hundred more times. Hocking Hills is such an amazing place to hike and it’s much closer than we realized (a little over an hour away)! Next time we don’t need to stay in a hotel that smells like poo… we can just drive down in the morning! Don’t tell Ruby – she really loves hotel swimming pools.

Old Man’s Cave is one of the most popular hikes, and it was only a few miles from our hotel so we figured that would be a great place to begin our day. It was BEAUTIFUL to be down in the gorge, walking through the old forest and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

After hiking the Old Man’s Cave trail we were heading back to the parking lot when my right shoelace got caught in the shoelace hook on my left boot sending me crashing to the ground with Clara in the carrier on my back. In a clumsy effort to not let Clara hit the ground I skidded across the trail on my knees then rolled sideways with a thud. Wiping out while carrying 30 extra pounds on your back is not pleasant… I do not recommend it.

Here’s a picture of my knees and shins covered in a schmear of neosporin during our lunch break. Clara was fine… I’ll recover. Most unfortunately I might have to add leggings to my typical fall wardrobe of boots and skirts. Other than that, our picnic lunch was great! 

After lunch we hiked the Cedar Falls trail, then hiked Ash Cave. We saw all the waterfall places, but no water was flowing in any of the streams because the drought has been so bad. We loved seeing the cavernous rock walls and walking into the caves, but we are kinda excited to go back again when we can see the waterfalls.


There was a wedding happening in Ash Cave when we hiked through. If you know these people, tell them I have a great picture of their wedding to send to them.

The girls were happy riding along in the backpacks… who knows how long that will last! Ruby loves to be “the walking girl” if we give her the opportunity. For now, she’s still little enough to fit in the backpack. Clara cooed, squealed, blew raspberries all over my hair, and hummed many tunes as she rode. Ruby had a lot to say about everything and happily greeted everyone we passed. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and are so thankful Ryan had the weekend off so we could explore this fun new place together. Is next weekend too soon to go back?


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