Apple Picking at Cherry Hawk Farm

Sunday afternoon we hurried home from church, ate lunch really fast then drove up to Cherry Hawk Farm to kick off the Fall season with some apple picking. 

This was our first trip to an orchard this year – and I know I’ve mentioned the weather in a lot of posts lately, but seriously, the weather is unbelievable crisp and sunny and perfect. I think November-March weather could learn a lot from September.

Clara was chomping apples like it was her job. 

Ruby loved that there were apples “just my size mommy!” which I thought meant she liked that they were small, but discovered that she really meant they were down at her height. Either way, she had a great time twisting and pulling them off their branches.

This was not a cider and donuts, general store, petting zoo, hayrides, entertainment apple picking experience… this place is just good old-fashioned U-Pick with rows of apple trees. We had a great time and will be incorporating apples into most meals for weeks to come.

Just for fun, here’s a flashback pic and blog post from the time Ryan and I went apple picking the year after we got married. Eight years haven’t changed us a bit, eh? har har har.


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