Rubyisms… because I need a good chuckle right now.

Today is the perfect day to post some Rubyisms, because I need to be reminded what a gem my sweet toddler can be after epic battle of wills she and I have been fighting for the last couple of weeks. I know we will get through this… and I know I will win.

If anyone has advice on getting a 3.5 year old to understand that asking for something over and over and over does not mean I am going to eventually change my answer from “no” to “yes” please share your wisdom. Ruby has incredible resolve and an amazing ability to continue verbal repetition of sentences like, “I want a sucker!” for hours on end increasing in volume and intensity as my answer remains “no, we don’t have suckers at our house.” which means, “Sorry, not until next month when we go to the bank to deposit the rent check and the teller lady offers you candy without consulting me first…. grrrr.”

Good thing I have some recent Rubyisms to lighten the mood around here;

  • “I remember all the things I remember.”
  • “Mmmm mmm mmm, this is so much good.”
  • When I asked what time it is she replied, “It’s about twenty hours and a half.”
  • If I give Ruby the option of walking instead of riding in the stroller. She always replies, “I’m going to be the walking girl”
  • “Smiley faces are so much fun to look at.” as she was examining the clementines I drew faces on for her preschool class snack this week.
  • When she is in timeout, she furiously screams, “I HAVE A HAPPY HEARRRRRRT!!” over and over… but I can tell that she doesn’t.
  • “Mommy, turkey dinner always makes me thirsty.” (I do not know who has been feeding her turkey dinners. ha!)
  • We were driving past the soccer fields and she said, “Oh look! Teenagers!”
  • She tells Clara, “No Ma’am!” exactly the same way I say it to her when I want her to stop doing something.
  • “Oh look at that train! All those train cars are probably full of shiny stuff!”


7 thoughts on “Rubyisms… because I need a good chuckle right now.

  1. The way to get her to stop asking the same question over and over… is start asking her the same question over and over…

  2. That’s FANTASTIC! I have a similar post in the wings with Clareisms, and I loved reading the Rubyisms. My favorites included her remarking on a tasty meal that you don’t recall serving, her proclamation of having a happy heart when that clearly wasn’t the case, the “Oh look! Teenagers!”, and “It’s about twenty hours and a half.” SO CUTE! Clare’s #1 saying right now is that she loves us “Ten hundred million, eighty-two one.” The one tagged onto the end just makes it an extra special number. What a fun (albeit trying at times) ages! 🙂

    • Hi Corrie! I can’t wait to read your Clareisms post! These girls are giving us so much good material for the ol’ blogs. Ha! Thanks for your comment. It’s fun to stay connected with you through the blogosphere. :o)

  3. Brilliant! Rehearsing a few Rubyisms – when the trials of parenting increase – gives you the clarity you need to persevere. Your example is helpful to more of us than you know. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

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