Weekend with Chris

Ryan’s brother Chris drove down to spend last weekend with us. Friday night we went out for dinner at a new place in CBus that we’ve been wanting to check out. The owners go to our church, so we felt like we were supporting the local economy AND our friends at the same time. I got a cheeseburger (no change there) and it was delish! When we got home, Chris and Ryan prepared for their morning coffee experience. 

Saturday’s weather was rainy, cold, dreary, nastiness. So after breakfast we drove downtown to check out the Annie Liebovitz Master Set exhibition at the Wexner Center. I would not have known about this, except that Chris is a photographer and was hoping to check it out while he was in town. Once we were there I was literally stunned by how many of the images I was familiar with. It was incredible, and will be going on until December 30th for those of you in town who want to check it out. Here’s a pic of Chris, John Lennon and Ryan… who appear to be growing beards at the same rate.

Saturday before the sun went down, the weather had cleared a little bit, so we went to see Chief Leather Lips. These pics are dark and grainy because the sun was almost down, but we had fun walking around the park by the river.

And of course, the men grilled us a wing feast for dinner.

The next day it was very cold, but not as rainy, which meant we could hike! Woohoo! We considered driving down to Hocking Hills, but with the weather as nasty as it was, we opted for Highbanks instead. Lucky for me, Ryan and Chris carried the girls on their backs and I got a break. 

Clara had reached her hiking threshold by the time that last pic was taken. Such a great weekend with Uncle Chris! Thanks for making the drive Chris! we love when you come to visit!


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