Our Chinchilla

Without further adieu, Ryan and I are excited to tell you that for the last few months I’ve been growing a baby… YAY! Baby Cox #3 will be arriving this summer! July 5th to be exact, but I can tell this little one is a patriot and will likely debut on July 4th, America’s Birthday. U.S.A! Here he/she is… in all his/her tiny fetus glory.

Baby Cox #3

Baby Cox #3

Anyway, now that you all know our fun news I can share some stories from my first trimester… like the time I puked at the zoo, or how I ate an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers on a short drive to Walgreens, or how I’ve been surviving off a steady diet of Raisin Bran and Lemonade, or when I got such a bad cold after Thanksmas that I literally could feel my heartbeat in my sinuses. It was so epic that I had to call in reinforcements for help. Praise the Lord that my mom loves me and loves my girls. She spent almost 5 days taking care of all of us last week.

When Ryan and I told the girls we were going to have another baby, Ryan said to Ruby, “What do you think mommy has in her tummy Ruby? Maybe a brother? Or maybe another sister?” Ruby continued his sentence, “Or maybe a chinchilla?”

I’ve spent the last few weeks laying on Ruby’s bedroom floor while the girls entertained themselves – until a certain 3-year old built herself a tower of chairs and stools and pillows stacked on top of each other, climbed to the top of her bookshelf and proceeded to yell “help! help” which woke me up so I could help her down.

“What were you doing, Ruby? That won’t be really fun if your dresser falls on top of you!”

“I was just building my home mom. I was making my home.”

“Of course you were, that makes total sense.”

Hoping to feel better soon – It makes me happy to share this new adventure with you, family, friends, blogosphere, I love you all.


10 thoughts on “Our Chinchilla

  1. What great news Amber and Ryan! You are going to be BUSY with 3 little ones:-)

    Hope you get to feeling better before long …. oh the memories of being sick at the beginning of my pregnancies with Jen and Brian!

    judy dillon

  2. Wonderfully exciting news! We keep going back and forth with the idea of #3. Reading about your pregnancy woes doesn’t make it very enticing, but I’m sure all of your anecdotes about life with three little ones will make it hard to resist! Hope you’re feeling better soon!!!

  3. Amber darling:  I am praying for you and our new little one in your tummy!!!   Your Granny


  4. Amber. we are so excited about your pregnancy  and will try to wait patiently!!! Hope you get  to feeling better real soon!!!Granny 


  5. Congratulations Amber! Very exciting! Prayers as you finish out this time of fatigue and morning sickness while still taking care of your two beautiful little girls.

  6. Amber, congrats to you and Ryan! In the midst of your morning sickness, you are still crazy funny! Praying for your new little one. He/she is and will be blessed!

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