Clara is 20 Months Old

Clara is 20 months old, which seems like a good time to do some sort of blog post about her and all the silliness and personality she’s developed in the last few months. As far as her stats go, she is heavy enough that I might throw out my back any second, tall enough to bump her head on the fridge door when it’s open, and has a lot of teeth.

IMG_9202Clara is a singer. She loves music and is often singing while she plays. Pretty much her favorite song is either the ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or Baa Baa Black Sheep, but I have no idea which because she doesn’t sing the words, just the tune and all three of those have the same tune. Ha.

IMG_9019Clara is mischievous, full of shenanigans, loves playing games and hiding things. We lost Baby Jesus out of our nativity for a few weeks. Clara was always carrying him around, so I figured he’d been thrown away (since she also loves “helping” throw trash in the bin.) I found him inside one of my rain boots a couple of days ago. The day I found Jesus was such a great day.  :o)

Clara loves to read to herself, and often does it VERY LOUDLY.  It kinda sounds like she’s yelling in a foreign language. Here’s a video to show you what I mean.

She has a lot of hair, and a lot of lengths of hair. The hair on top of her head and on her sideburns is really long, but the hair on the front and back of her head is short. I use whatever she ate for breakfast as “product” to style her awesome locks. Bananas work awesome, nutella and peanut butter are super sticky but smell wonderful. ha. I think I’ll get her a haircut tomorrow.IMG_9238

Clara loves her mama. She is ridiculously furious when I drop her off at the church nursery or if I am not within arms reach is anyone she doesn’t know is around. She is not at all interested in making friends or meeting Ruby’s friends… which Ruby does not understand since Ruby has never met a stranger.

Clara calls Ruby “Bee Bee” and is always looking for and calling for Bee Bee when Ruby is a preschool.IMG_8923

She thinks its hilarious to do normal tasks with her eyes closed. She tries to pick up food and put it in her mouth with her eyes closed, then claps when she accomplishes it. She’s been walking with her eyes closed and spinning in circles with her eyes closed.

Clara LOVES animals. She is very brave – which makes me want to introduce her to Jungle Jack Hanna sometime while we live in Columbus.IMG_9089

Clara needs “alone time” which I do not understand. I often ask Ryan to help me understand her, because she and Ryan are a lot alike. If we’ve been out to a playgroup or with a bunch of people in the morning, she gets home and wants to just be by herself in her crib. Not to nap, just to be alone. It’s incredible how a little alone time helps her get through the day.


Bath time is not an option at night because Clara is a crazy messy eater. She loves food and will eat pretty much anything we put on her tray. The problem is that once she’s all done, she just starts chucking food everywhere and waving her arms all around to knock all the remaining food off her tray. It’s unbelievable how quickly this happy tirade happens… in the blink of an eye the 6-foot radius around her chair is splattered with food.IMG_9257

She loves baths, especially when Ruby is in there with her, and gets mad if I try to carry her upstairs. She would much rather walk up herself.IMG_8904

She always says “amen” after we say her prayers at night.

Clara loves shoes, putting them on and off, trying on other people’s shoes, and can even walk in high heels. I think her favorite thing about going anywhere is that she gets to put her shoes on. She says “shoes” with a lot of “ooooo” in the middle.

She takes self-portraitsIMG_9154

…and looks a lot like Ryan did when he was 2! IMG_9040

If she thinks a snack is coming, she sits on the floor wherever she is and waits for it to be presented to her.

Clara’s favorite words are “Ow” and “No”. No matter what you ask her, Clara’s answer is always “No”. If I say, do you want to go to the playground? She says “NO!” but really high-pitched and enthusiastically… like she actually means “yes”. It’s very confusing.

IMG_9006Clara is in a hat-wearing frenzy. If she can find a hat, it’s on her head. Any hat, your hat, my hat, the hat she found on the ground in the zoo parking lot…

Clara is a sweetie. She’s buckets of fun these days. I’m so thankful I get to be her mama.


5 thoughts on “Clara is 20 Months Old

  1. This post makes me very happy. Happy for Clara because you’re her Momma. Happy for you because you’re such a great Momma. Happy for me because I get a glimpse of your children through your eyes…and it’s wonderful. YOU are wonderful.

  2. Aww, I loved reading this. Clara and Jesse are a lot alike actually! What a sweet family you have, so excited for you to have #3!

      • Oops, I just saw this! Have you been leaving replies to my comments all these years and I’ve never gotten them? I’ll be sure to check from now on, and I am feeling a little better now too:)

      • Hi! I do reply to your comments on here… but it seems no one has ever realized it. Ha! Either way, I love you and miss you and will call you soon!

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