Pregnancy is my Kryptonite

Oh hi! Im finally coming out of the pregnancy fog that zapped me of all my super powers… it only took 17 weeks. Whew! I’ve got some catching up to do on the ol’ bloggy blog, pretty much all of 2013 so far. ha! Thankfully, my girls have been MOSTLY peachy throughout my sickness/nauseousness/horizontalness and Ryan has been amazing.

Last weekend we took the girls down to see the waterfall near our house. It was icy and cold, but we bundled them up and they had a great time walking up and down the pathway together. Clara loves it when Ruby holds her hand – except for when she doesn’t want to, then she goes berserk, but on this particular day, Clara was loving the hand-holding.IMG_9576 IMG_9577

The girls and I found this ice cream shop called Graeters that has a great play area and it’s hardly ever busy (so don’t tell anyone about it!) We went there twice last week and are planning to go again tomorrow! On really cold mornings, it’s a great way for Ruby to burn some energy.IMG_9600

Clara finds one things she likes and sticks with it – one day she went down the same slide over and over and over for 2 hours. Another day she teeter-tottered on this giant banana the whole time we were there. She is funny. Ruby, on the other hand, will discover that she can go down the same slide 19 different ways, and each way is more hilarious than that one before. At some point she will probably hurt herself being so silly, but so far she has been ok.IMG_9522

Thankful to be feeling better – 90% back to my normal self! My 20 week ultrasound is on Feb 13th, so sometime around Valentines Day I’ll give you updates on baby #3. WooHoo!


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