Day on the Farm


A couple of weeks ago we spent a day with my friend Lindsey and her boys Abram and Royce on their family farm. It was warm, but rainy and absolutely gorgeous and fun to be out in the country.IMG_9422

Abram gave Ruby a tour of the farm, and showed Ruby his “work bench” then we got to go out to the barn to feed the kitties.

IMG_9396IMG_9400Clara was beyond enamored with all the cats. She never touched one, but she pointed and squealed and got super excited every time she saw one.IMG_9430


Lindsey’s husband DJ took us on a ride around the property on the Rambler. Ruby was having the time of her life. Clara wasn’t too happy about it in the beginning, but a few minutes in she stopped screaming and enjoyed the wind in her hair.IMG_9412IMG_9417

Lindsey just had her third baby, a sweetie little girl named Rennie. It was great to meet her little face. Thanks for having us out to visit Lindsey!! And thanks for giving my girls haircuts!IMG_9429IMG_9387


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