Grammy and Papa Visit Columbus

Ruby 021413  COSI  7Clara 021413  COSI  2Clara Ruby 021413  COSI  14Ruby 021413  COSI  2Clara 021413  COSI  1dMy mom and dad came to visit us for a couple of days last week and we had such a GREAT time while they were here. On Thursday we went to COSI with the girls and my dad took these incredible pictures.Family 021413  COSI  1

Clara 021413  COSI  3One reason why COSI is so awesome is because they give all the kids special rain jackets to keep them dry while they play in the water area, but for the kids (ahem, mine) who still get drenched, they have dryers and spare clothes so the kids can keep playing while their clothes are in the dryer. GENIUS!! Ruby was loving her t-shirt and sweatpants.

Ruby 021413  COSI  1

Friday night my parents offered to watch the girls so Ryan and I could have our Valentine’s Day date night. Ryan took me to Marcella’s downtown and I had some amazing braised beef, mushroom and spinach tortellini. After dinner we went to the Martin Sexton concert (which was awesome) and stood in the FRONT ROW (which was also awesome)! It was so fun to spend a few hours out on the town with my hunny. Here’s a blurry, dark picture we took during the concert.


Apparently a couple of days with Grammy and Papa wore out my children. This is what they did a lot of the day on Saturday.IMG_9930

… and while the girls relaxed, I started going though all our girl clothes to make room for BOY CLOTHES!! ahhhhh! So exciting!!IMG_9934


2 thoughts on “Grammy and Papa Visit Columbus

  1. Great pictures! Good luck with one of those date night things once you have three. We have three and unloading them on unsuspecting strangers is getting more difficult. Even the grandparents take a deep breath before they answer now…lol!

  2. did you take all these amazing pictures? i love those top ones that look all professional and cool. you are so cool. 🙂 the zoo, and the childrens museum. please never tell my children of this: they think entertainment is costco. 🙂 love you!!!!! and love seeing those cute babies!!!

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