It’s been hard to keep track of all the Rubyisms lately because the majority of what comes out of Ruby’s mouth would qualify these days. She’s so funny. I love how much she keeps me on my toes since I never know what she’s gonna say next.


  • Ryan’s been making the girls pancakes on Saturdays, a couple of weeks ago she realized, “Daddy, syrup is GOOOD stuff!”
  • A few mornings ago from under the crack in her door, “Mommy! Are you coming up to see my famous shoes?!?”
  • “Do you know where my yarn is? …My yarn to make a party?”
  • I heard her making “try noises” while buckled into her carseat. When I asked her what she was doing she said, “Mommy, I’m just growing and growing! I’m getting BIGGER!”
  • “I want to be a mermaid someday. Mommy, let us all be a mermaid.”
  • “Mommy, that boy just doesn’t have any hair.” to which I responded, “That boy’s name is Al Roker.”
  • “I have to take my shirt off because thats what you do when you exercise.”  – apparently she’s been noticing her hunky dad lifts weights with his shirt off.


  • “But mommy, this is a HORRIBLE dinner!” – I couldn’t disagree.
  • I’ve been encouraging her to go potty as soon as she needs to instead of waiting so long for no reason. My plan backfires when she wants to potty during nap time… “But if I wait too long I might get a UTI!”
  • “I need my jammies on because these clothes are just too flimsy!”
  • “I can’t sleep, it’s too dragony in here.”

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