Let The Transitioning Begin!


There is a lot of “getting ready” happening at our house in my head… we are getting ready to add a baby boy to our family and I can only imagine how this will affect his sisters. Ryan doesn’t typically feel like any of this needs to be happening in such a hurry and we have plenty of time… but since I’m the gestating one, he is graciously trying to understand my shenanigans, as seen here on page 1 of my current “to-do” list.

First of all, I need the crib for the baby, so Clara will be moving into a twin bed within the month! Here’s the kicker, that bed will be in Ruby’s room! I can only hope that the novelty of sharing a room will wear off before baby brother arrives. When Ruby moved into her big girl bed, she slept behind the door on the floor for what seemed like months! Hopefully Clara’s transition will be a tad smoother.

It also means I need to buy a twin mattress for Clara. Since we’re really fancy over here our children don’t have beds… just mattresses on the floor. I figure they won’t have as far to fall when they slip out of bed and it saves some cash. dolla’ billz y’all

I’ve had my eye on this lovely bedding from Pottery Barn – but didn’t like the price or the fact that I’d be dealing with duvet covers. This weekend while bargain shopping with my sister I found super cute paisley quilts at T.J.Maxx for $29 each so Ruby and Clara will have matchy matchy beds.IMG_0406

Another big thing we’re looking for is a dresser for the girls room. I’ve been looking on CraigsList but since inhaling paint while pregnant isn’t on top of my “to-do” list I’ll probably end up going for something cheap from Wal-Mart or Target that I can build and be done with. I’ve also read enough nightmarish stories that we will be securing all furniture to the walls from now on.

Today I removed the rail from Ruby’s bed so I can use it on Clara’s bed in a few weeks. When I took off the rail, Ruby cried at first and told me, “I’m not ready for this! I’m going to fall down and break my crown Mommy!” but her tears stopped immediately when I told her she could pick a prize from the prize box if she tried sleeping without the rail during her nap. When she woke up, she yelled under the door, “I DID IT! I’M GOING TO BE SUCH A BIG GIRL!!”

I’ll keep you updated on how our transition is going.


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