Weekend in Granger

Last weekend Ryan was in Phoenix for a conference so I took the girls to my parent’s house for a few days. Easter came a bit early at Grammy and Papa’s house. Clara was in love with the bunny ears.IMG_0337

My Granny and Papaw came up so they could see the girls. I love that they can still play with and enjoy their great-grandchildren. We celebrated Papaw’s 88th birthday and St. Patty’s Day with green cake and shenanigans.


Ruby and Lydia are two peas in a pod. God made them cousins for a reason. IMG_0345

We walked in the woods and explored the meadow.Clara Amber 031513  1IMG_0307Clara Sheila  031513  1Ruby Amber  03 2013  Grammy's  1

Love this pic of Norah and Ruby looking out the window for wild turkeys. Norah is such a doll.IMG_0311

Being outside never gets old for these woodland creatures.IMG_0390

My dad is an incredible photographer.

Ruby  03 2013  Grammy's  4IMG_0391

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that Ryan was in Phoenix for a conference. He told Ruby that Phoenix was in the desert, then she watched an episode of Bubble Guppies about the Sphinx in Egypt, which is also a desert. A week after both of these events were rolling around in her head, she told her preschool teachers that her dad was in Egypt with the Sphinx… because he was in Phoenix, which kinda sounds like Sphinx – and he brought her a scorpion paperweight from the desert, and Egypt is in the desert… I can see why she is confused. Her preschool teachers were quite amazed by Ryan’s world travels, I cleared things up and they laughed a lot.


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