Easter this year was such a fun time. Clara and Ruby both LOVED everything about it. We did our “Resurrection Eggs” for a few weeks leading up to Easter so Ruby was thrilled when she got palm branches at church on Palm Sunday. She and Clara waved palms for hours on Sunday afternoon. It was amazing to hear Ruby remembering what she learned from the Resurrection Eggs last year. That Jesus gave his life to save ours. Makes my heart happy to see her excitement about the real meaning of Easter.IMG_0498

We decorated Easter Eggs and Ruby helped me put together the “centerpiece” for our table. She was especially excited about the little chicks.IMG_0545

IMG_0554Ryan’s parents drove down from Grand Rapids, MI to be here Easter weekend. Within 20 minutes of their arrival Ruby and Clara had torn through the bag of library books Nana brought down.IMG_0607

We took Nana and Papa to see Chief Leatherlips after dinner. He is one of Ruby’s favorite things in Columbus.IMG_0620

Saturday we ventured to our zoo – the weather was gorgeous and the animals seemed as happy about it as the humans were. The polar bears were jumping off their rocks into the water and splashing around with a giant barrel. The brown bears were wrestling with each other, which is quite a scene! I love the Columbus Zoo. Love, love, love it. IMG_0636IMG_0629IMG_0628

Saturday night we went out to eat… Clara does not mess around when it comes to dinner. She loves food, and would happily sit and eat for as long as everyone is sitting there with her. IMG_0641

Easter morning the girls had an egg hunt and searched for their easter baskets. They seemed to really enjoy the process and Ruby was old enough that she followed the “hot/cold/freezing” directions Ryan was giving her as she was searching for her basket. After church Ryan’s dad took this pic of our family on our front porch. It’s kinda fun to think that in 90 days we will have our little boy in our arms… until then, you can see that he’s growing fast! Apparently he’s 14.5 inches long when his legs are extended. CRAZY!IMG_0677

In closing, Easter Basket grass is no longer allowed in my house. I’ve been cleaning it up everyday for a week. IMG_0697


One thought on “Easter

  1. Sounds like a fun Easter at your house. The girls are getting cuter every day. When did Clara stop being a baby and turn into a darling little girl. Ruby is a joy to hear about.
    Love you all and I am getting excited about my great grandson. GG

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