Out Of The Crib

Miracle of miracles, Clara has been sleeping in her twin bed and sharing a room with Ruby for over a week and it’s actually going well! Apparently when I wasn’t watching, she turned into a little girl instead of a baby.photo-88

A few weeks ago I attempted to transition her out of her crib and it didn’t go well... so I wasn’t expecting this 2nd attempt to be much better. Amazingly, last Tuesday night after baths we took her into Ruby’s room, read a book to both girls at the same time, said prayers and she just curled up with her blankie and looked at me like “what are you waiting for mom? I’m trying to go to sleep here.” I was so stunned by the whole situation working out so well that I didn’t know what to do. Ryan took my hand and led me out of the room. We shut the door, went back downstairs and that was that.

No sounds – other than Ruby’s little pitter patter feet running around for a few minutes (which is typical).

A few hours later when Ryan and I were getting into bed I said, “Do you think she’s ok up there? Maybe she’s being so quiet because something is wrong.” Ryan laughed, and offered to go up to check out the situation. They were both just snoozing away. Amazing!

I am so thankful that I can cross “transition Clara our of crib” off of my extensive “to-do-before-baby-is-born” list. YAY!


4 thoughts on “Out Of The Crib

  1. You are right, Amber. She isn’t a baby any more, just an adorable little girl. Can’t wait to see your beautiful family in August. GG

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