photo-89I’ve collected a few more Rubyisms that are short enough to post. Ruby is in the stage where her sentences just keep going and going as more and more thoughts enter her head while she’s talking. By the time she is finished she has said too many ridiculous and hilarious things for me to keep track of.  I have managed to jot down a few lately. Enjoy.

  • Mommy, when Clara grows, we can call her a different name. We can call her Joseph.
  • God made you sooooo wonderful Daddy.
  • These markers aren’t setting a good example mommy.
  • You’re pampering me mommy! Stop pampering me! (she means “punishing” which is hilarious.)
  • Mommy, are you pretending you’re a Sphinx?
  • It’s fully Spring! But I don’t see any butterflies mommy!?!? If I see some, I will help them get their wings on.
  • It makes me sad when you publish me mommy. (again… confusion about the word “punish”)
  • Mom, why do you have stripes on you? – she said this while she was closely examining my forehead wrinkles. dang.
  • While holding her harmonica, “Do you want me to play towel music or sink music? Do you want me to play plant music or face music?
  • Mom, this is how I dance in Japanese, see?
  • When we go to the play place at the mall, she walks the perimeter to talk to all the parents. It really funny to see how the dads react… they typically look around to see if this child’s mother would please come rescue them from having to answer all her questions and look at the handfuls of sparkles she picked up off the play place floor.
  • A couple of days ago our grass was so long that it was as comfy as her bed… IMG_1167

3 thoughts on “Rubyisms

  1. Amber we love these Rubyisms. Keep them coming. They “make” my days!!!! Granny


  2. This was the best list I’ve read few for quite some time. Laughed out loud a lot – I truly can’t wait to spend some time with The Roobs later in July!

  3. Oh, I love the Rubyisms! The stripes one cracked me up because Clare recently told me that I had an eleven above my nose. She was talking about my two distinct, vertical “think lines” (as I like to call them) that look like 1 1. Nice, huh?!

    I also love the pampering and publishing verbs in place of punishing. So cute!

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