…still pregnant

Since this blog is all about shenanigans, I figured I might as well tell you a little story about the time (last Wednesday night) when I went into (what I was certain was for real) labor, called Patrice, our emergency contact to come to our house in the middle of the night to watch our girls, paged Ryan (who was on call in the office upstairs at our house), called my parents (who began a 5-hour drive to Columbus at 4am), and went to the hospital to have this baby.


Well, long story short, upon arrival at the hospital, they got me all checked in, got the monitors on me and began tracking my contractions and the baby’s heart rate. After about an hour, they came in the room and told me to walk for about an hour to see if it would help me progress. So Ryan and I walked up and down every hall on every floor of the hospital multiple times. Ryan was starving, but the cafeteria didn’t open until 7am, so I snapped this pic of him contemplating the steak sandwich from the vending machine. After some deliberation, he decided against the inevitable gastronomic distress.

After walking myself to exhaustion, I hadn’t progressed and my contractions had slowed quite a bit. The worst part (for me) is the fact that I’ve birthed 2 other children, so I KNOW what it feels like to be in labor, and if I wasn’t TRULY in labor, I certainly wouldn’t have woken everyone up in the middle of the night!

Thursday morning they sent me home from the hospital still pregnant. Ryan showered and went to work, which confused his co-workers who had received an email that we had our baby… as you know, we did not. (I was still having regular contractions pretty much all day) my parents, the girls and I walked all around the neighborhood, then later that day walked to the park, where I walked circles around the park while my mom and dad played with Ruby and Clara. I just knew I’d be back at the hospital in no time having this baby for real! IMG_2178 IMG_2174

Friday morning I woke up still pregnant, so we decided to head to the pool at our apartment complex where I could float around weightless in the deep end while my parents played with Ruby and Clara.IMG_2198

Saturday morning I woke up still pregnant, so my dad drove back to Granger to be there for the all-church service at the St. Joe County Fair while Ryan, Mom and I took the girls to the zoo.IMG_2216IMG_2212

Sunday morning I woke up still pregnant, so Ryan and I left the girls with my mom and ran a bunch of errands, had lunch together (where I enjoyed an amazing strawberry shake), went to Cabela’s, then went to a dinner party with all of Ryan’s GI Fellow friends downtown. IMG_2227

This morning I woke up still pregnant, Ryan went to work (today is the 1st day of his FINAL YEAR of Fellowship!), my dad is planning to drive back this way sometime today or tomorrow and pretty much I’m just seriously looking forward to getting induced Wednesday morning at 5am.

IMG_2223Its been amazing having my parents here to help me chase Ruby and Clara around. I know that eventually I’ll have our little boy in my arms and I know God has a great plan. I’ve never prayed for more patience in my life!

Talk about shenanigans. I can’t believe I’ve made it this long with my 3rd baby who seems to be the size of Paul Bunyon. That’s the news. My next blog post will include pictures of a baby boy! Yahoo!

Until then, I’ll be here …still pregnant.IMG_2094


7 thoughts on “…still pregnant

  1. This post is a fantastic and brilliant summary of some of the more memorable days of your wonderful life. Thanks for sharing this adventure… from your perspective. Loved it.

  2. Have been following your blog since before Ruby was born. Still reading and enjoying every bit! Little boys are awesome!!! Can’t wait to check your blog again on Wednesday!

  3. oh i LOVE this. you are an amazing mama and i’m so proud of you…thinking of your baby boy makes me cry:) can’t wait to hear your news. xoxo,bree

  4. Oh, I loved that post…especially the first paragraph! I had false labor with Isaac, and the same routine ensued: Mom and Dad immediately jumped on a plane, we called our back-up crew to watch Clare in the middle of the night, and I timed my contractions with the absolute certainty that he was going to be born within a matter of hours. He didn’t arrive for another TWO WEEKS!

    I hope you enjoy the last few days as a family of four. Come Wednesday (if not before), you will be blown away at the amazing connection you will have with your little boy. There is something unexplainable about the love between a mother and son. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the big announcement! 🙂

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