Pool Time with Grammy and Papa

It’s been a week and a half since Charlie was born and we are loving every minute with our little guy, but before I get ahead of myself, let’s rewind so you can see a few more pics my dad took at the pool a few days before Charlie was born. Here I am, obviously trying to induce labor.

Amber LaborDay 2 062813 Pool 1

Ruby and Clara LOVED swimming with their Grammy and Papa. Clara was pretending she was asleep on the tube, then would wake up and say, “I’m awake now!” then she would let her head fall back and make snoring noises. She’s a funny one.

Amber LaborDay 2 062813 Pool 5Amber LaborDay 2 062813 Pool 6

I love my friends Mary and Lani from our lifegroup at church. They are great moms and both have 3 kids, so I have been watching and learning from them since we found out I was pregnant with our 3rd.

Amber Lani Mary 062813 Pool 1


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