Charlie’s First Week


We are doing pretty good having 3 kids… but my mom was here last week and Ryan’s mom has been here this week, so I might have a skewed perspective of reality.  :o) I’ll let you know how things are going next week when I’m alone and outnumbered! Needless to say, Charlie is such a sweetie and the girls absolutely LOVE him! They kiss, hug and sing to him many times a day.IMG_2377IMG_2365

Charlie has been watching the Tour De France with Ryan on a daily basis. The Tour will forever remind me of all three of my children as infants.IMG_2373

Charlie celebrated his 1-week old birthday at the pool with his Grammy and sisters.


Ryan’s co-fellow Patrice came over to meet Charlie. She has been such an amazingly wonderful friend to our family while we’ve been in Columbus. I’m so thankful that she’s Ryan’s co-fellow.IMG_2376

IMG_2427 IMG_2431

Dr. Clara has given Charlie many “check-ups” and always says “Baby Charlie feels better now. He feels better. So much better.”IMG_2451


1 thought on “Charlie’s First Week

  1. Thanks much for the up-date and pictures.  He is ALL boy, obviously. 

    Such a determined “I know”.  Granny

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