Papa Beeson’s Photography Hobby

Clara Charlie 070213  1

My dad likes to take pictures. He drove back and forth from Columbus to Granger too many times to count in the last few weeks. I’m so thankful for these moments he captured while he was here. First of all, here are a few more pictures from the hospital when Charlie was born.Clara Charlie 070213  11 Sheila Ruby n Charlie 070213  2

Charlie with Nana and Papa Cox:

Ted Deb n Charlie 070213  1 print

Charlie with Grammy and Papa Beeson:

RMB Sheila n Charlie 070213  1

One morning my dad took these ridiculously awesome pics of all three kids. Who needs Olan Mills when Mark Beeson is your dad! ha!Siblings 071113 Kids 3Siblings 071113 Kids 2 Siblings 071113 Kids 4

And here’s Charlie Boy, looking like a little old man. I love this first photo because it looks like Charlie is pounding his fist on the table at a business meeting or something. ha!Charile 071113 Portrait  2Charile 071113 Portrait  3 Charile 071113 Portrait  1

This is one of my all time favorite pics of my beautiful mom. I love how happy she is.Sheila Charlie 070413 Home 1

We also went to the splash park one afternoon and he got these shots as well! Nice work daddy! Thanks for lugging your camera around everywhere you go!ABER ABER_2 ABER_4



4 thoughts on “Papa Beeson’s Photography Hobby

  1. Hi Amber~ I LOVE the photo your dad took of the 3 kids that you have at the top of your blog!!! So perfect! Looks like Charlie is getting LOTS of loving from his big sisters:-) How nice!

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