Charlie is 2 Weeks Old

Charlie turned 2 weeks old on Tuesday and he is officially out of the newborn diapers and into size 1. He is already growing out of his newborn size clothing… I can’t handle it.


I was looking back at the posts I wrote when Clara was a newborn. Charlie looks JUST LIKE HER! Then I looked at the pictures I posted when Ruby was a newborn and HE LOOKS LIKE HER TOO! Shenanigans! This pic shows Ruby, Clara and Charlie as newborns… can you tell they’re siblings? Genes are amazing!IMG_2517

Ryan’s mom came on Monday to help us this week. It’s been amazing to have her here and Ruby and Clara are pretty much in hog heaven surrounded by their Nana and Grammy for the past 2 weeks.IMG_2486

Wednesday Ryan took Ruby into work with him for a few hours. She LOVED going to the big city, meeting everyone in the entire gastroenterology division at the children’s hospital, and eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria. IMG_2497

Wednesday night we left the kids with their Nana and went out for sushi. Hooray for sushi! Hooray for date nights! Hooray for Nana being in town!IMG_2525IMG_2535


One thought on “Charlie is 2 Weeks Old

  1. WOW…they sure do all look alike. Amazing!

    Going on a date within 2 weeks of having a baby is a perfect indication that this is Baby #3. You’ve got this down!

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