Charlie Boy

IMG_2597Charlie is growing so much! He was 10.5 lbs at his 1 month checkup and continues feeling heavier and looking chubbier every day. He has one chub roll on his thighs – it’s awesome. He’s been cooing back and started smiling last week, which is my favorite thing ever. I love all of his expressions… he’s a Ryan face.




Both Ruby and Clara are utterly enamored by him. Poor little buddy isn’t safe from their hugs and kisses anywhere other than in his crib (where they still try to reach him through the crib slats.)

IMG_3286 IMG_3378

Doesn’t this mustachifier¬†from his Great Aunt Becky make him look like such a distinguished gentleman?IMG_2620

IMG_3437People ask me if I’m enjoying having a boy… and all I can say is “YES” …and that he looks super cute in his boy clothes. Speaking of clothes, I had to get the 3-6 month jammies into his drawers because at 6 weeks old he was already too long for the 0-3 month size! Love this kid. He’s such a good eatin’ good sleepin’ sweet little buddy.


One thought on “Charlie Boy

  1. Amber,
    Saw the name of your blog and had to check it out…my oldest daughter’s name is Amber too. She just had her first baby 2 months ago and seeing the pics of your beautiful son reminded me of her. Your family and your blog are delightful! No doubt you are a very busy Mom! Blessings to you and your sweet family!

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