Great Grandma Cox

I few weeks ago we drove to Grand Rapids to spend a weekend with Ryan’s Grandma Cox who was visiting from Nevada. She is delightful, full of life, and is a wonderful conversationalist. I love hearing her tell stories from her life, of her sweet friends, of her adventures in casino’s in Vegas, and I especially love seeing her eyes light up around her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.IMG_3265 IMG_3267

This was the first time Charlie met Grandma GG, so I took a lot of pictures  :o)IMG_3203 IMG_3151 IMG_3172

Here’s Charlie relaxing on the cool countertop, totally fulfilling all low maintenance, easy-going, third-child requirements.

IMG_3199Ryan’s parents were kind enough to watch our kids while Ryan and I went out for a nice dinner. After dinner we walked by Reed’s Lake, it’s lovely.IMG_3274

We also got to take a bike ride all around East Grand Rapids with Chris one afternoon while all the kids were napping. I love riding bikes with Ryan. Before we had kids we used to bike together all the time… does anyone want to come over everyday between 6-8 so I can go on a bike ride with Ryan? Thanks.IMG_3178

IMG_3184One day Kyle and Sarah came over for a grill out at Ryan’s parent’s house and our kids got to meet their twin girls Abbie and Ellen for the first time. They are precious.IMG_3231

Here are a few more pics from the weekend.IMG_3314 IMG_3286 IMG_3220

Love you Grandma Cox! So fun spending a few days with you. I’m so thankful for the way you love on my little family. xo


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