Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today my dad turns 60. A friend of mine who lives in Spain recently wrote me a message to let me know that she’s never met him, but she thinks my dad is a great guy. She watches services from Granger Community Church online and listens to my dad’s sermons. I love having a dad who I can be so proud of. When my friends meet my dad, I know, and I’ve always known that they’d be better people because of his influence in their lives. He believes the best in people and brings out the best in people. Helping people take their next step toward Christ is a beautiful way to live.

In my opinion, people just need to see someone who has lived their life well. Someone they can look to who is an example to follow, someone with character and integrity, someone honest and committed and faithful. Mark Beeson is someone who loves his family an treats people with kindness, acceptance and love. My dad is leader worth following because he’s following Jesus.GC3A6530

Daddy, I’m so thankful that you are a man who loves God, loves your wife, your family, the church, and the stranger taking change at the toll booth exit. My children and their children reap the benefits of your faithfulness. I’m blessed by your life, I’m blessed to be your daughter.

Happy Birthday!


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